new york city - part one

New York City - Part 1

finally, all those years dreaming of visiting my favourite city came true. my graduation year and the year that i visited new york city. After all this years watching the city through movies, televison series, drawings, reading texts, essays, im finally here in the city that never sleeps (believe me it never sleeps), the Big Apple. New York City. The trip started all the way from Amsterdam  as we spent almost 2 hours in transit in Schipol Airport. The security started even before we arrive in the US, as we were questioned about our visit before boarding the plane to JFK. Where are you going within the US? may i see all the documentation? how long will you be in the US, and the list of questions goes on and on and on but finally, we boarded and 8hours later... John F Kennedy International airport. Upon arrival, it took us merely 2 hours to clear immigration, but i'd say its all worth the wait. Took the yellow cab and within an hour or so, we finally arrive in Manhattan!

both pictures (above and below) shows the view from the top of the Rockefeller Building, (Top Of The Rock) ,nothing can beat this view of New York, look how huge is central park!

all set!

our room for the first five days, The Days Inn Hotel, located along Broadway and 94th Street. A real bargain for what we got.

typical New York traffic

the "Dakota" where John Lennon was shot, located just opposite the central park where the "Imagine" plaque is located

the famous Apollo Theate

stars and stripes

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