new york city - part two

new york city - part 2

we started of the tour of new york by walking all the from 94th street to 35th street (we were clueless and didnt know how to use the subway or the bus) that took about an hour, and we crossed about 60+ blocks! pheww.. we had first glance of time square while passing thru all the streets. The first stop was B&H digital store (where i bought my fisheye lense). Then we decided to head back to the hotel, since both of us were still tired and we had to start our day early the following day. Decided to try out the subway (too tired to walk uptown!) and yes, it's somewhat different from the usual london tube that we're more familiar with. After trial and error on the ticketing machine, we finally manage to get a one way ticket that's good to use for 2 hours and head uptown to our hotel. 

We started the next day early (at about 8am), we've decided to take a ride in the "Hop on Hop off" bus to get ourselves familiar with the city. I would highly recommend taking the bus on weekdays rather than the weekend because most seats are empty during weekdays and you can move around the higher level of the bus freely. The planning of our trip can be seen in my moleskine (which i will later post). We covered most of the important parts during this trip which includes the top 5 attractions within the "New York Pass" and others like the "imagine plaque" in strawberry fields gardens, madison square, grand central terminal to name the few. Until we meet again New York City! 

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