winter trip - berlin

background history of the building
in german
entrance to the exhibition space in lower ground
main hall on the ground floor, which is also the entrance to the building
suspended roof supported by only 8 columns,located outside of the building (2 on each side of the building)
ludwig mies van der rohe's neue nationalgalerie, berlin
main entrance
exterior facade
the buildings looks very dark from outside
more exterior views

helmut jahn's sony centre in potsdamer platz
interior courtyard of the sony centre
massive glass dome covering several building blocks
mix used buildings sharing the same central courtyard

film museum
buildings in "Potsdamer Platz" by several architects including Renzo Piano,Richard Rogers partnership, Helmut Jahn, Hans Kolhoff and others
potsdamer platz
potsdamer platz
richard rogers's office and retail building in potsdamer platz
potsdamer platz
bauhaus archiv
entrance to the museum
cafe wing and library
panoramic view of the entrance

the famous "paul's boutique" in Orderberger strasse 47
collectors item toys
"not for sale"
mixture of used and brand new sneakers
berlin lomography store
mini cooper berlin
marie elisabeth lueders haus building, by stephan braunfels
the famous "checkpoint charlie"
berlin city centre
the reichstag building
one of the museums in the "island" , the pergamonmuseum
bauhaus archiv - berlin
bauhaus archiv - berlin
interior courtyard of the pergamonmuseum
berlin city centre
modernist building near alexanderplatz train station
row of houses down the apartment im staying, mixture of classics and minimalist facades
minimalist facade
resemblance of early modernist design

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